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Add Some Scientific Excitement to Your Weekend with This Fun-Filled Exhibit

Step into a world of exciting science with a trip to see the Newton Know-How exhibit at the Children’s Museum! This fun and fascinating look at how science and math translate into wacky real-world experiments is the perfect way to spend the weekend.

With tons of educational action for all ages to enjoy, the Newton Know-How exhibit invites visitors to delve into force, friction, momentum, gravity, and speed! Come explore the interesting and innovative displays that give you a hands-on understand of the laws of motion that govern life. Centered around Isaac Newton's three laws of motion, this exhibit lets you test these age-old concepts with tons of entertaining methods. Come propel golf ball trains through a Golf Ball Coaster, build a domino pattern and watch them fall in a chain reaction, and defy gravity using angular momentum! It’s all waiting for the whole family to experience at the Children’s Museum.

At Casa Palmas Apartments in Pasadena, Texas, we pride ourselves on informing our residents about all the upcoming events our beautiful community has to offer. Don’t hesitate to join this event on Thursday!

Event Time/Date:
Thursday, February 8, 2018 – 10:00 AM

Event Venue Location:
The Children’s Museum
1500 Binz Street
Houston, Texas 77004

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