Fall in Love With a New Poem When You Pick Up One of These Acclaimed Poetry Collections

Have you been spending more time reading lately? While coronavirus has continued its spread across the United States, many Americans are spending more time with a good book or two. If you’re looking for a new title, why not skip the typical romance novel or crime thriller and reach for a book of poetry? The right poetry book can really change how you view the world. Here are a few great options, available online or in bookstores now.

Soft Science by Franny Choi

Franny Choi’s poetry book explores Asian American femininity, as it relates to technology, violence, erasure, agency, gender, and loneliness. Soft Science explores questions not just of identity, but of consciousness. Publishers Weekly calls the collection “... [an] exhilarating matrix of poetry, science, and technology.”

Heart Like a Window, Mouth Like a Cliff by Sara Borjas

Heart Like a Window, Mouth Like a Cliff is a transgressive and tender confrontation of what it means to want to flee the thing you need most. Sara Borjas’ work faces ideas of cultural assimilation and the pressure to "act" Mexican while dreaming of the privileges of whiteness.

Good Bones by Maggie Smith

Featuring the popular poem "Good Bones," which was called the Official Poem of 2016 by BBC and Public Radio International, Good Bones witnesses author Maggie Smith writing about the experience of motherhood. These are poems that stare down darkness while cultivating and sustaining possibility; poems that have a sense of moral gravitas, personal urgency, and the ability to address a larger world.

Only As the Day Is Long: New and Selected Poems by Dorianne Laux

This 2020 Pulitzer Prize finalist is a great read for any Dorianne Laux fans and beyond. Called “clear, compelling and insightful” by the Washington Post, this collection is composed of new and selected works from the prize-winning poet. Only as the Day Is Long represents a brilliant, daring body of work from one of our boldest contemporary poets.

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